Market Report

Market reports provided by Senvangdata will support Investors in reading, understanding market data & building a solid knowledge base in the field of real estate investment. Access to immediately receive market reports from 63 provinces and cities in Vietnam from basic to in-depth, suitable for all goals and needs of each individual.

Market Report

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Team of Experts

Senvangdata portal has been cherished for a long time with the companionship of a team of experts from Realcom Sustainable Real Estate Development Community


Hoàng Hữu Phê

Chairman of the Board of Directors & CEO R&D Consultants


Nguyễn Minh Ngọc

Deputy Head of the Department of Valuation - Real Estate Business, University of Finance and Marketing


Nguyễn Thị Bích Ngọc

Founder Sen Vàng Group


Lê Ngọc Quang

CEO & Founder VIAMI Software and DigiBiz


Phạm Huy Hoàng

Mentor GBS Vietnam


Nguyễn Tuấn Huy

Director of Tuan Huy DVTV & Management Company Limited


Phạm Quang Tú

Head of KLB Project Investment - Development Board


Phạm Văn Nam

Co-Founder Vietnam industrial park information portal


Đàm Quang Hoàn

General Manager of AZ Green Land


Trần Đại Nghĩa

Project legal expert


Trịnh Tùng Bách

CEO Sen Vàng Group


Ngọc Bùi

Head of the Organizing Committee of Dot Property Vietnam Awards


Nguyễn Trọng Tuấn

Project Research and Development Department of Binh Minh Real Estate Development Investment Joint Stock Company


Phạm Minh Toàn

CEO & Founder Time Universal


Chu Minh Hà

Sales & Marketing Manager at Berjaya-Handico12


Bùi Thành

Dean - Faculty of Geography - VNU University of Science


Vũ Linh Quang

Managing Director of ARDOR GREEN


Đào Nam Dũng

Head of Project Development Department - Homeliday Group


Bùi Thị Hà My

Founder & CEO GBS Vietnam

Senvangdata Portal Review

Senvangdata provides market reports, training programs from experts in diverse fields and a Blog system that analyzes market expertise... for investors, private investors, and people nterested in real estate investment

"As a user of Senvangdata's services from the early days, specifically the Market Report, I feel very satisfied with what I receive and the information I receive is extremely detailed and I can receive from many different channels such as reading, listening and watching. Super recommended!"

Mr. Hoàng

"I learned about Senvangdata through webinars held online. After consulting about the course system, I found that the content of the courses is very detailed and the instructors are all people with a lot of experience in the fields of science and technology. profession. Furthermore, free courses also have a lot of good content and new knowledge."

Ms. Hà

"My favorite item is definitely the land use map of the entire Vietnam. Finding images of land use structures is easier than ever, instead of having to waste time searching for each area like before, the quality of the map images is also great."

Mr. Dũng

"The documentation system is very diverse, the paid documentation is much cheaper in comparison than buying on other platforms. I signed in to receive new information continuously"

Ms. Mai

"I experienced the website on launch day and had a very good impression as it had been a long time since I had a website with such a large data system. Hopefully in the future the website will update more real estate data"

Mr. Hưng

"I appreciate the photos of the provincial market reports. It can be seen that it costs a fee to download the full version, but the money is well worth the information summarized to such a detailed level."


"The analysis articles about the real estate market in the blog section have quite good content, and the planning and legal news are also very useful."


"The project map is great, there are many fields to choose from. I find it useful to use such an integrated map."


"The login part is quite easy and you can access a lot of information. Hopefully there will be more reports from districts that are popular, not just provinces and cities."


Đăng ký nhận tư vấn với Sen Vàng Group

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"Cảm ơn Qúy công ty, sau khi điền thông tin, Sen Vàng sẽ liên hệ với Qúy công ty để xác nhận trong thời gian 48h!
Chúc Quý công ty ngày càng phát triển và thịnh vượng!

Qúy công ty có thể liên hệ trực tiếp số Hotline Sen Vàng Group 0948484859 nếu cần gấp!

Trân trọng! "

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The Blog section updates news and in-depth articles from a fresh perspective on real estate by the Gen Z generation.

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